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How to Keep Your Bike Rust-Free in the Monsoons – Monsoon Maintenance

When the monsoon comes finally knocking at your door, your bike rides do take a back seat. Obviously, all the bike owners aim to keep their vehicles away from any harm from moisture and one of the factors worrying them is rust. Riding in rains can result in rusting of bike parts, but a few cautious measures can solve your problem of rusting with ease. A bike will need extra attention in this season as compared to other seasons. The first and easy way to keep your bike away from rust is to cover the vehicle properly to ensure that there is no damage whatsoever done to the bike. If parking outside avoids parking the bike in places where water flows. If no cover parking is available to invest in a durable bike cover. Mudflaps help prevent the bike from getting sprayed from a waterlogged road. It also keeps the bracket protected. The chain, bracket, wheels, nuts, bolts, exhaust and engine are the parts that are highly exposed to the outside elements; hence they are the parts that rust rapidly. It is always advisable to keep these parts greasy. This will always prevent rust formation. To keep the metal parts greasy use a thick and wet heavy lubricant, preferably waterproof. WD 40 is a great metal protector for motorbikes when also in storage. WD 40 consists of 95% of volatile solvent which helps the water content to evaporate, leaving behind the 5% of protective lubricant to be a barrier between the metal and rust. If the bike has already got rusted, then the first thing to do is to immediately remove the accumulated flakes of the rust by using sandpaper or a wired brush. One can also use a mild acid wash to remove the rust. Lemon juice is also a home remedy to remove the already accumulated rust. A coat of wax polish will keep a lot of rust out of the bay. The painted surfaces on the motorcycle would need protection and the best way is to apply a coat of wax on the painted surfaces. Nowadays, protective thin film covers are also available in the market. These films are tough urethane clear membranes designed to prevent rusting on the paint surface and have a high gloss finish which enhances and protects the appearance of your motorbike and it will not yellow with age. One can also use polish on the chrome parts to avoid rusting on the chrome surface. Once you have done this, not only are you going to enjoy your ride, but your bike is sure to last you even longer making the most of this awesome season we call the monsoons.

Winter Tyre Covers for Your Bike

If you have turned to this article, you are most probably interested in riding your bike during the winter. If this is the case, we congratulate you. If you want to ride your bicycle during the winter, you definitely need special tyre covers, just like you do with cars. If equipped with the right tyre covers, your bike can achieve higher performances and you can cover all kinds of difficult distances and circuits. When we refer to winter bike covers, we refer to the modified ones, but which always have metal crampons. Unlike what happens with cars, bikes need a supplementary grip, which cannot be ensured only by the profile of your tyre cover. This is why the integrated metal spikes exist so that your grip on snow and so on is much better. You can opt for covers with smaller or bigger spikes, depending on your needs and on your limits, each model being addressed to a certain surface. In the end, everything is so simple: the more difficult the route, the bigger the spikes. If you don’t want to spend too much money, you might want to use the summer covers, but if you do that, you also need to lower your pressure down to two bars. This way, you get a better grip on snow. However, this is just a compromise, not a safe solution for the frozen routes you might want to ride your bike on. If you are interested in investing money in a set of professional tyre covers, you should know that there are not so many offers because there aren’t too may bike riders who like riding their bikes during the winter. However, some of the well-known manufacturers have a few appropriate products.

Here Are A Few Reasons Why You Should Use A Cover For Your Motorcycle

Even although you have spent a group of money on shopping for a motorbike, many people do no longer supply many concepts to safeguarding this high priced asset and utilize an old tarp, a haphazard piece of cloth or a vintage blanket as a bike cover. You honestly want to examine the opportunity of purchasing a motorcycle protecting cowl to defend the paintwork and end of your motorbike from damage by way of the weather or scratches as a result of dirt. You can both purchase a widespread protective cowl for your bike so that it will cover up your bike a little bit like a tent or you may purchase a custom-designed cowl in an effort to in shape your motorcycle flawlessly. You will find out several advantages of bike covers. For instance, if you park your bike outside, you then need to guard it against harm via standing water which would otherwise want to be dried directly. The shielding cover will shield your bike from the weather together with dust particles that are abrasive and can scratch the paintwork. You can even get safety in opposition to the cruel sun which can motive your finish to vanish. In addition, you may gain a sense of security from thieves who typically thieve uncovered bikes instead of ones which can be included. Moreover, many those covers can be effectively secured through using a padlock and cable. Regardless when you have the benefit of parking inside or in a storage or storage unit, you’ll want to utilize a lightweight indoor cover to hold out dust. An indoor defensive cowl can even guard in opposition to the formation of mould.

It’s key to pick the suitable bike shielding cover. First, degree the size of your bike accurately so that you get a defensive cover that fits the proper manner. If the protective cowl is way too loose, it’d permit dust to get in and if it’s miles too cushty, it’ll no longer in shape in any respect. If you’ve got a tall windshield, you may want to buy a bigger cowl to accommodate it. Also, many customary covers have introduced space to deal with the mirrors. If you’re seeking out an outdoors cover, you have to pick out a heavy-obligation weatherproof textile which includes plastic. For an indoor defensive cowl, a lighter cloth that is breathable will be ok.